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Our Second Enlightenment Moment has come.

The Mystery of Consciousness Has Been Solved.
Now Everything Changes.

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The book deciphers the language of consciousness, unifies mind and body within a cohesive framework, and unpacks all the cognitive functions in your head, including free will, self-awareness, and intelligence.

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It’s as if you’re wiping away a thick paste from your eyes, revealing the true nature of the world and your role within it for the very first time.
There is a cascade of ‘aha’ moments.

The Nature of Consciousness
Discover how a re-interpretation of the most familiar aspect of our mind unlocked its most profound mystery


Mind-Body Problem
Uncover the astonishingly ‘obvious’ way in which mind and matter integrate and what it means for your identity.


Perception vs. Reality
Confront the startling differences between the physical world and our experiences of it.


Time, Space and Causation
Explore how the mind enables the emergence of space, time, and causation from matter.


Learn how emotions interface with cognitive processes to determine decisions.


Be introduced to the dynamic function of the Needs Matrix that directs the mind’s decision-making mechanism.



Gain insights into how the language of consciousness shapes the language of reasoning, leading to the emergence of intelligence.



Come face to face with the truth about who you are as a useful cognitive function.


Conscious Awareness

Explore the role of your conscious awareness and discover why it is both extraordinary and less transcendent than you might believe


Free will

Finally, uncover the reality behind free will.


Emotional control

Uncover your mind’s mechanism for emotional control and learn how to influence it for better outcomes.


Meaning and Purpose

Discover the mind-body meta-narrative that gives life meaning and purpose and offers an independent and authoritative guide for moral and ethical behaviour.


Unveiling the Mysteries of the Mind

In this ground-breaking book, the author delves into the enigma of consciousness, providing profound insights into the mind’s deepest mysteries. Explore the comprehensive list of topics covered:

Philippe Ingels, the author of The Theory Of Everything that Matters and What to Do About It

Meet the Author

It is perplexing that we have made no progress whatsoever in solving the enigma of consciousness after nearly 2,800 years of effort. Something about how we approach the problem is seriously amiss.

In his ground-breaking exploration into the mystery of consciousness, Philippe Ingels found himself looking at consciousness through a radically different lens. He was inadvertently manoeuvred into this unorthodox position by several profound personal transformations and an overdose of creative intuition curtailed by the analytical acumen of a programmer. The fact that he was unrestrained by established philosophies, highly contrarian, and suffered from an impulsive need to venture into uncharted territories further bounced his marbles around.

Through a series of fortunate events (you couldn’t plan this), he saw intuition as a mechanism rather than an innate expression at the end of a process. His abstract thinking skills, honed as an entrepreneur, multi-disciplinary professional, creative, and programmer, allowed him to uncover intuition as a sophisticated and unusual language with extraordinary elements, a rich lexicon, and a powerful syntax.

Through this decoded language, the author uncovered a novel framework promising to revolutionise our understanding of the most elusive aspects of human existence—the nature of consciousness, the mind-body problem, the mechanism of free will, how intelligence functions, the role of emotions and awareness, a fact-based meaning of life, and so much more.

Now, Philippe is focused on developing Flowmonics as a comprehensive fact-based belief system. He wants to transform the new theories into a solution to the meaning and mental well-being crises and make people fall in love with what it truly means to be human so we can create a more compassionate society.

Why should I read it?

Do you want to be at the forefront of contemporary debates?

Would you like to discover what physicalism, panpsychism, IIT, etc. got right (and wrong) about consciousness?

Would you like to plug yourself into a fact-based meaning and purpose of life?

Are you looking for effective rocks to throw at antiquated belief systems?

Would you like novel hypotheses to test and new areas to explore?

Do you want to gain significant influence over your emotions?

Would you like to discover new frameworks for understanding that might revolutionise mental well-being therapy?

Would you like to stop regurgitating clueless philosophies?

Reasons Why This Book Is Important

Mental Health Redefined

With new insights into the nature of consciousness and other cognitive functions, we can directly apply our deepened understanding to solve the mental health crisis.

Rediscovering Meaning

By leveraging the solution to the mind-body problem, we can rebuild a stabilising sense of profound meaning and purpose, expanding beyond the current frameworks offered by religion and secular humanism.

Philosophy Unleashed

Resolving key philosophical questions about the mind enables philosophy to offer fresh, impactful solutions and reclaim its role as a revered liberator of our intellectual impasses.

An Evolution In Identity

Armed with a unified mind-body framework, we are now equipped to evolve our sense of identity to better cope with our current personal and societal challenges.

This is What the
Book Does

Four hundred and twenty pages that will completely transform your understanding of the nature of the world and the part you play in it.

NO! This book is not a self-help book. It won’t give you a short-lived emotional boost and leave you with nothing of significance changed.

Instead, it puts cherished ideas through the shredder, takes you through mind-bending frameworks of understanding and assembles a world unlike anything you might have imagined.

And yet, when it all comes together, something extraordinary emerges—a sense-making experience that we can describe as a second enlightenment.

The dots will connect, and you will feel grounded in more certainty.

This new understanding then offers techniques for controlling your emotions and finding a profound sense of meaning and purpose—not based on faith, feelings or woo-woo but on facts.


  1. First, we reconstruct reality from the ground up.

  2. Next, we unpack all the cognitive functions responsible for your experience of that reality.

  3. Then, we map out how to make sense of this new understanding so it benefits you. 

Excerpts from the Book

Understanding how mind and matter interact turned out to be more than just uncovering how mental states cause physical actions. It revealed the mind’s capacity for indeterministic behaviour and merged it with the deterministic nature of matter.



What if our inability to solve the mysteries of the mind stems not from complexity or limited empirical access but from our seeking answers in the wrong language?



Sensicles show us that the mind does not emerge from matter as some thought it did.  Instead, an arrangement of Sensicles, from which mental phenomena emerge, interfaces with the Sensicles from which matter arises.



Most unexpectedly, this unique framework for understanding the relationship between mind and matter revealed a clear route for creating a new, fact-based meta-narrative—an overarching sense-making framework capable of giving us a profound sense of meaning and purpose.



Our sense of free will—our cherished belief in autonomy—is not lost but reshaped. It remains integral to our experience yet is intricately entwined in the cause-and-effect flow of the universe.



Since we can describe the mind in an encoded language, we have a roadmap for developing Artificial General Intelligence (AGI)—minds that think like ours, including having self-awareness, understanding contextual meaning, and processing emotional recognition and responses.



Once we understand the Sensicles at the base of the emergence stack, we will experience a revelation where it will suddenly make sense for something to exist without a beginning but not to have existed forever. Or for something to be, yet not be a thing.



This suggests that emotions are not mere reactions to stimuli but a highly sophisticated operational system deeply intertwined with reason.



The Start of Something Different

The Theory Of Everything The Matters And What To Do About It will form the theoretical basis for the Second Enlightment Movement called Flowmonics. Join our community and stay ahead with exclusive announcements and previews.

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The book features 38 comic strips, along with
hundreds of icons and diagrams.

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