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Image of the book, The Theory Of Everything that Matters and What to Do About It
The Theory of Everything that Matters and What to Do About It

The book “The Theory of Everything that Matters and What to Do About It” delves into the decoded language of consciousness. This primary language predates our spoken language and is the foundational language of all minds, including those of animals.

Uncovering the elements and the specific set of rules the language of consciousness uses offers us a system where logical reasoning can be employed reliably and consistently to investigate questions regarding the mind. The result is that we can now open the magic box that is our mind and begin to understand the nature of consciousness, the interaction between mind and matter, the mechanism underpinning free will, and numerous other enigmas that have long perplexed us. And that changes everything—it will completely transform how you view the world and the role you play within it.

The book is written for accessibility, wilfully eschewing academic jargon to attract a wide readership interested in discovering a foundational theory about mind and matter that can be applied to transform their lives.

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The Second Enlightenment

First, we understood the world.

Now we understand ourselves.

Power to You

Knowing how your mind works puts you in control of your growth, instead of others. Be in control.

It's Simple

There is a way to explain complicated stuff, so it's super easy to understand.  We use storytelling and animation and avoid academic speaking like the plague.

In Control

If you control your emotions, you control your well-being. You will learn how to control emotions such as anxiety, anger, and depression so you become more confident, compassionate, hopeful, and loved.

Profoundly Meaningful

When we opened the mind, we uncovered a profound story that offers a deep sense of meaning and purpose. It will make you fall in love again with what it means to be human. We will share this story with you.

Facts Not Faith

Faith is wonderful for filling in the gaps, but facts are more reliable, predictable, and consistent. We will show you how to rule your mind with a love based on facts.


We understand the mind for the first time, and the world is about to change. You have an opportunity to help shape that change by joining us on this extraordinary journey.

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Early Days

Early days We are only just starting this extraordinary journey so please sign up to our news letter so we can let you know what we're up to and so you're the first to gain these new insights.

The Trickster. A character that keeps humanity believing in the wrong things

The Trickster

You have been tricked. This Trickster has become the enemy of all of us. He has conned us to think about the world and the part we play in it in a way that keeps you and all of us on our knees. The trickery is a misconception about who and and what we are and the way our minds work that prevents us from gaining full control over our emotions and our sense of purpose and value. He strikes many of us down and then feeds us into the well-being industry he controls. The therapists, psychologists, self-help authors, mental-health support groups and many others are as much the victims of the Trickster's con as those they try to help.  


The Trickster must be destroyed because every 40 seconds one of us takes their own live.


What we're working on

Finalising the edit of the book.

Working on a content marketing campaign to create awareness of Flowmonics. There will be lots of insights, videos, animations, a cartoon strip, and excerpts from the book, so be sure to follow us on social media.


Scriptwriting an animation to explain the nature of truth as you've never heard it explained. Things will make a lot more sense.

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Unconning The Trickster

Solving the enigma of consciousness took nearly 2800 years of effort. Philippe Ingels was part of its last 25 years. His groundbreaking exploration into the mystery of consciousness was made possible due to his unconventional background and unique approach. Unlike traditional academic philosophers, his journey through the world of entrepreneurship, creative expression and programming, mixed with a profound personal transformation, equipped him with a rare blend of intuition, analytical logic, and creative thinking. As an ‘imposter’ in the creative industry, he always viewed intuition as a mechanism rather than an innate expression. This allowed him to identify its underlying language, and his experience as a game programmer enabled him to decode that language.


Philippe was frustrated with the lack of understanding of consciousness and disillusioned with how ineffective we were at making the type of progress that should be possible if we understood what was going on inside our heads. This led him to question everything ever written about the mind’s mysteries. Unburdened by established frameworks and with a fresh, sceptical perspective, he ventured into uncharted territories of our extraordinary minds. Now, he will share this journey of discovery that challenges conventional thinking and opens new doors to understanding our minds.


A fact-based understanding of who and what we are will make all the difference.

Philippe Ingels, creator of the Flowmonics project
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If you are interested in discovering the true nature of what's going on inside your head.


If you love philosophy, or psychology or just simply like exploring new and fascinating ideas about yourself, society and everything.


If you want to gain more control over your thoughts, emotions and decision-making processes.


If you want to be part of a second enlightment that promises to make the world a more compassionate, supportive and .... place.


If you want more faith in the goodness of humanity, hope that we will make this world better and fall passionatly in love to be human.

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Philippe Ingels, the author of The Theory Of Everything that Matters and What to Do About It

The Mystery of Consciousness Has Been Solved

Everything we know about the mind has been based on speculation. A comprehensive understanding remained elusive without a deeper grasp of the mystery of consciousness. Until now.


Now that we've decoded the language of consciousness, our understanding of ourselves and our place in the universe will shift dramatically.


Flowmonics is a journey of discovery and transformation based on facts, not guesswork.


Here we will establish a new, fact-based sense-making framework capable of giving you a profound sense of meaning and purpose, we will show you how to gain unprecedented control over your emotions, explain how free will works and so much more.

How are memories formed, stored, and retrieved?

What is conscious awareness, and what does it do?

How does the mind process language?

What is intelligence?

Can artificial intelligence ever achieve a state of consciousness similar to humans?

How are emotions processed, and how do they influence thoughts and behaviour? 

How does mind and body interact with each other?

Do we have free will?

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