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Image of the book, The Theory Of Everything that Matters and What to Do About It
The Theory of Everything that Matters and What to Do About It

The book “The Theory of Everything that Matters and What to Do About It” delves into the decoded language of consciousness. You will discover the nature of consciousness, the interaction between mind and matter, the mechanism underpinning free will, the function of awareness, and numerous other enigmas that have long perplexed us. This radically new framework for understanding the mind changes everything—it will completely transform how you view the world and your role within it.


The book is written for accessibility, intentionally eschewing academic jargon to attract a wide readership interested in discovering a foundational theory about mind and matter. Although this is not a self-help book, it explores how the new insights can be applied to transform your life.


If you’re interested in philosophy and want to delve into the details underpinning the Second Enlightenment, this book is for you.

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The Second Enlightenment

First, we understood the world.

Now we understand ourselves.

Power to You

Knowing how your mind works puts you in control of your well-being and growth, rather than others.
Be in control.

It's Simple

The second enlightenment offers a considerable transformation for the better. We will use engaging storytelling and animation to make this journey of understanding fun, easy, and effective.

In Control

If you control your emotions, you control your well-being. You will learn how to manage emotions such as anxiety, anger, and depression, becoming more confident, compassionate, hopeful, and loved.

Profoundly Meaningful

Discovering how the mind and matter work together has uncovered a profound story, offering a deep sense of meaning and purpose. It will make you fall in love with what it means to be human. We will help you become aware of that story.

Facts Not Faith

Faith is helpful for filling in the gaps in our knowledge. However, facts are more reliable, predictable, and consistent. We will show you how to rule your mind with love based on facts.


We understand the mind for the first time, and the world is about to change. You have an opportunity to help shape that change by joining us on this extraordinary journey.

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Early Days

We are only just starting this extraordinary journey, so please sign up for our newsletter to stay updated on what we’re doing and be the first to gain these new insights.

The Trickster. A character that keeps humanity believing in the wrong things

The Trickster

A Trickster has become the enemy of us all. Its deception is a misconception about what it means to be human. Initially, it was our friend. Its con helped us survive in a brutal world. It made us believe in our individualistic specialness and the extraordinary power of free will to shape our destiny.


The Trickster’s deception has been exposed. It is the cause of our personal and societal suffering. The Trickster’s antiquated understanding does not allow us to evolve so we can cope with the relentless turmoil we face. It does not allow us to fully grasp that our individualism is part of a much bigger and more profound narrative than personal well-being and survival.

The Trickster, however, is stuck in the past. He exerts power over politics, the economy, education, psychology, therapy, and philosophy. These domains must evolve, so we must destroy the Trickster because, every 40 seconds, one of us takes their own life.

The Trickster’s reign will end. It will take time and effort. That effort starts with understanding the new framework. That is what Flowmonics is about—exploration, sensemaking and transformation.


What we're working on

The book "The Theory Of Everything And What To Do About It" is completed. It is with some reviewers at the moment.

I am working on a content marketing campaign to raise awareness of Flowmonics. The campaign will include many insights, videos, animations, a cartoon strip, and excerpts from the book, so be sure to follow us on social media.

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Example of a Flowmonics Cartoon Frame

Flow – The action or fact of moving along in a steady, continuous stream. This represents the causal flow, the principle that underpins all events.


Harmonic – Involving, producing, or characterised by harmony; harmonious. This represents bringing mind and matter into harmony.


Flowmonics – Developing a deep understanding of the world and the part we play in it. This means making sense of what it means for our identity, thoughts, feelings, and actions to harmonise mind and matter.



It’s not therapy; it’s a new framework of understanding that acts like therapy.

It’s not a religion; it’s a fact-based comprehension that offers profound meaning and purpose.

It’s not an ideology; it does not prescribe a set of beliefs but offers a factual understanding to make your own.

It is not woo-woo; it is based on the most well-known principle in science: every cause has an effect.

It’s not self-help; it’s a change in perception that results in transformation.

Join Us

If you are interested in discovering the true nature of what's going on inside your head.


If you love philosophy or psychology or just like exploring new and fascinating ideas about yourself, society and everything.


If you want to gain more control over your thoughts, emotions and decision-making processes.


If you want to be part of a second enlightenment that promises to make the world a more compassionate, supportive and meaningful place.


If you want more faith in the goodness of humanity, hope that we will make this world better and fall passionately in love to be human.

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The Mystery of Consciousness Has Been Solved

Everything we know about the mind comes from inferences. Until we solve the puzzle of consciousness, our framework for understanding the world and our role in it cannot evolve. The current framework is no longer fit for purpose. It increasingly fails to help us cope effectively with the nature and rate of change we face.


The good news is we have now solved the enigma of consciousness. We have decoded its language. This breakthrough has helped us solve the mind-body problem, understand the nature of free will, comprehend how intelligence works, and so much more. Solving the mind-body problem has also uncovered a meta-narrative—an overarching story—that offers us a fact-based, profound meaning and purpose in life.


Flowmonics is a journey of discovery and transformation, based on a second enlightenment made possible by finally understanding the mind’s various functions and how they interface with the world of matter. As a result, we can now gain unprecedented control over our emotions. For the first time, we can also fall in love with what it truly means to be human.

How are memories formed, stored, and retrieved?

What is conscious awareness, and what does it do?

How does the mind process language?

What is intelligence?

Can artificial intelligence ever achieve a state of consciousness similar to humans?

How are emotions processed, and how do they influence thoughts and behaviour? 

How does mind and body interact with each other?

Do we have free will?

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